GF Sendy Addon Usage Guide


Gravity Form Sendy Addon can be installed like any other plugin in wordpress. You have 2 methods to install it on your site.

1) Uploading from Admin Panel

  • Download the plugin if you haven’t downloaded it yet.
  • Go to wordpress admin panel
  • Click on Plugin » Add New. Then click on the Upload Tab.
  • Select the zip file of the plugin from your machine and hit Install Now.
  • Activate the plugin when process completes

2) Installing using FTP Manager

  • Unzip the downloaded plugin files.
  • Connect to site ftp using any ftp client
  • Browse to wp-content » Plugins
  • Upload the plugin files tho this folder
  • Go to wordpress admin . Click on Plugins.
  • Activate the Gravity forms Sendy Addon plugin from there.

Adding License & API key

  • You can find the license key under My Account section of this site i.e
  • On your site , go to Forms -> Settings -> Sendy Settings
  • Enter the License key there
  • Enter your Sendy Installation url and API key
  • Save it

Setting List ID & Enabling Sendy Subscription on a Form

  • Open the Gravity form and go to Form settings
  • At bottom you will notice checkbox and input field to enable & add list ID
  • Check Enable Sendy
  • Enter the List ID(leave it empty if you want to use checkbox,select or radio field for list ID)
  • Save the Settings

Adding Fields to Form

Sendy Addon requires Email field to be present in form to add user to the list. You can optionally add the Name field also.

Mapping Fields to Custom Fields in Sendy

  • Open advance settings of any field by clicking advance tab in field setting.
  • You will notice a checkbox with text Is this a Sendy Custom Field?
  • Click the checkbox
  • Enter the custom field name in the input box. The name should be same as the name you created in Sendy app.
  • That's it, the value entered in this field will be sent along with email to you list

Setting List ID to checkbox,radio or select field

  • Add checkbox,radio or select to the from
  • Enter the List Id in the value field of the checkbox,radio or select option
  • Then click on Advance Settings tab and check the susbscribe or unscribe checkbox.
  • That's it, now users will be added/removed to the list depending on their selection.


1.1.4 [+] List Id now can be added to checkbox,select or radio fields.
[+] Unsubscribe option added
[*] Fixed name field not passing to Sendy in Gravity Forms version 1.9+
[*] Fixed few warning messages in admin
1.1.3 [+] Now supports multiple list subscription from same form
[+] Checkbox field can be used for Optin for adding users
1.1.2 [+] Added custom fields support for phone and website fields
1.1.1 [+] Added custom fields support for hidden fields
1.1 [+] Added custom fields support
1.0 Intial Release


Plugin support is provided via email to active license holders.
You can contact me from this page.